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Thranduil Make-Up Test by Xelhestiel Thranduil Make-Up Test by Xelhestiel
Thranduil from "The Hobbit"
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oblivious1211 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
How did you do the eyebrows and makeup?
Xelhestiel Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Most of them are my real eyebrows... I just filled in the bottom of the arch and evened everything out with an eye pencil :)  I did some contouring with bronzer as I do not have foundation in a few shades darker than my own skin tone, but I will be uploading a Thranduil make-up tutorial to youtube and to here once I have all of the make-up for it and the time to do it, so keep an eye out!  I will not be buying any make-up before the holiday in case I receive some of it for Christmas so a tutorial wont be out until after then!
oblivious1211 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
ok any final tips you can give me before you get out the video? I am using this for the hobbit midnight premiere on the 12th of december :P
Xelhestiel Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
There are loads of tutorials on youtube for it.  I honestly watched several before getting an idea of what to do myself, but it's all really the same concept.  Just do a youtube search for "makeup contour and highlighting" and you can also do a search for "makeup eyebrow tutorial" for eyebrows.  

I personally only have foundation in my skintone, so to do contouring I had to use bronzer instead of liquid foundation in a darker shade.  As for my eyebrows, I don't have any eyebrow mousse or anything so I used dark eyeshadow and an eye pencil.  So technically I didn't properly contour/highlight my face for these photos because I don't have the best means to (yet) so I had to use what I have at my disposal.

As far as what make-up brands to use, because I know it gets confusing with people in tutorials using different brands and what-not, you'll have to visit your local make-up store and ask for help because everyone's skin is different and price is a huge factor.
pumpmonger Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
I love this, the colors are the lighitng are very elfy
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October 4, 2013
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